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Cosa vedere nei dintorni di Dublino

Travelling Expat ci porta oggi a conoscere i dintorni della città di Dublino.

Per chi avesse poco tempo a disposizione e volesse immergersi in un tipico paesaggio irlandese, potete scegliere di raggiungere le località limitrofe, interamente visitabili in giornata.

Travelling Expat ne ha selezionate 4 per voi:

  1. Malahide
  2. Howth
  3. Bray
  4. Greystones


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Hey folks!
My name is Aurora, but you can call me Rory.
My mom used to call me Rory and I love it!
Some time ago I decided to move to the Emerald Island, and I planned to stay only one year.
And guess what?
After 9 years, I am still living in Dublin and I am not alone!
She is more than a husband to me and is certainly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.
Her name is Asia, a 8 years old little girl who calls me "mamy"!
Together we make a good team, and I cannot imagine my life without her.
Single mother for choice, I believe that we all should look at the bright side of our experiences, learn something from them and keep moving forward.
That's how I do, that's how we do!
Discover more about me and my adventures in a foreign country that I call HOME now!

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