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La nuova guida tascabile di Dublino

La nuova guida di Dublino
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The wishing tree

The stories I love the most belong to a magical land, a magical land where everything is possible, where the false becomes true, the imagination becomes reality.

Ireland isn’t an ordinary place, I always knew there was more.

I became aware of its stories around fairies and leprechauns once I got here, long time ago.

Those stories fill my heart with joy and let me believe that the magical land really exists.

Some time ago I spent a weekend in Trim, a small town not too far from Dublin.

My friend has a lovely house in the fields and her brother in law told me the story of the lone bush.

The lone bush is a fairy’s tree that normally sits in the middle of a farmer’s field.

No one would ever cut it, as cutting down one of those trees would disturb the fairies, besides, according to the legend bad things would happen if you attempt to remove the tree.

Believe it or not, no one here in Ireland would never touch them.

If you ever come across to a fairy’s tree, please don’t disturb it, just get close and make your wish.

That day, I did’n know what to wish for, but next time that I see a fairy’s tree it won’t find me unprepared.


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